Nataliia Golik

COO of Rainmaker Network

Nataliia Golik is a result oriented business executive in digital marketing, focused on leading and increasing growth of global companies.

Nataliia holds a MBA from Simon Kuznets National University of Economics, covering IT technologies, computer science and programming techniques. She also graduated from University Lumière (Lyon II) in information systems, administration and management.

In 2015, she started her career as sales director at Adorika media, a global network specialized in branded campaigns. There, she was responsible for setting sales objectives and creating strategic and business plans.

In 2016, she joined Rainmaker as COO, by meeting the founder, Joan, on Linkedin. Since then, she is in charge of improving business strategies, encouraging employees dedication and analyzing the company performance. Her digital expertise is a perfect fit for Rainmaker, a company dedicated to online advertising, conversion rate optimization and marketing strategy consulting.