Joan Roger Beaufort


Founder and Chairman of La Royale Investments Group, Joan Beaufort is a French entrepreneur born in Alsace in 1988. He is also the founder of JRB Capital Overseas, a holding company based in Singapore. A technology enthusiast, he has founded several companies in the financial IT systems, marketing, connected real estate, payment, and gaming sectors.

The Lancaster Investments holding company, renamed La Royale Investments in 2023, operates in three sectors: gaming with La Royale Gaming Investment, fintech with La Royale Fintech Investments and real estate with La Royale Properties Investments.

Joan Beaufort’s ambition is to share his expertise in digital transformation and innovation, and to develop inventive, disruptive, and secure projects in strategic sectors.

Rainmaker was the first company created by Joan Beaufort in 2010, when he was just 22 years old. Today, the company has become a reference in the field of affiliate marketing.

With 15 years’ experience abroad and a keen understanding of international digital issues, Joan Beaufort describes himself as a true “web nomad”. Moreover, he invests in his hometown of Molsheim (Bas-Rhin, France), where he rehabilitates buildings and creates local businesses.

Joan Beaufort is a graduate of Oxford University (UK) and holds an Executive MBA from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga (Latvia).

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